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Painting- For Jairo Mora Sandoval, martyred at Playa Mora, May 2013

Jairo Mora Sandoval was a young conservationist and activist in Costa Rica who was slain by poachers.

Jairo Mora Sandoval was a young conservationist and activist in Costa Rica who was slain by poachers.

This painting is of Jairo Mora Sandoval of Costa Rica. He was a young conservationist and activist in Costa Rica. His non-profit was called Wider Carribean Sea Turtle Conservation Network (or Widecast for short). In the course of doing his work protecting leatherback turtle nests from being robbed by egg-poachers, he was kidnapped and killed in May 2013; from witnesses there with him up until he was taken away, we know that the poachers (hueveros) were disturbed by the work of Widecast and Mora, in particular. Captain Watson of Sea Shepherd has posted a reward for any information leading to the killers, but they have not yet been apprehended yet (as far as I know. The article I read was the February issue of Outside). Mora was so young, so dedicated, so energetic and enthusiastic that he filled everyone around him with hope and passion. What a great loss to the world. He was the same age as my own son.

But, as Mother Jones once said- “Mourn the dead and fight like hell for the living!” The best appreciation we can all make for Mora’s contribution is to continue to do his work. I wish Roger Sanchez, Marjorie Balfodano, Vanessa Lizano, Almudena and all of the volunteers at the Costa Rica Wildlife Sanctuary peace and luck in their ongoing efforts to defend wildlife. There really are heroes out there, even in this age of meanness and greed.”

Marie’s Art to Be Featured in ‘With Conviction: Art and Letters From Behind Prison Walls’

With Conviction

“With Conviction: Art and Letters From Behind Prison Walls”
Opening: Saturday, January 11, through February 9
Exhibit S, 547 L Street, Sacramento, Calif.
Open 6pm Introductory talk 8pm
An exhibit of prisoner art depicting inmate life, anti-prison symbolism, but also love letters, and tattoo art.
Marie Mason has four oil paintings on display.
Opening night features a lecture by Chicago-based anti-prison activist Anthony Rayson. Free admission
Kickstarter campaign video at:

Marie Painting- Sasha the Survivor

A painting of Alexander Berkman was an anarchist political prisoner.

Alexander “Sasha” Berkman’s book, Prison Memoir’s of an Anarchisthas served as a source of strength for Marie recently.

Marie Mason Contributes to With Conviction: Art and Letters from Behind Prison Walls Art Show

On January 11th, 2014, Marie Mason’s art will be on display alongside hundreds of other prisoners’ art as part of a month long exhibit entitled With Conviction: Art and Letters from Behind Prison Walls.

If you’re near Sacramento, make sure to check this out.  Also, the organizers are fundraising to fly out Anthony Rayson and his partner Michael Ploski, who have collected most of the art that will be on display.  If fundraised successfully, the two will be on hand for the opening to speak of the art collected and the politics and messages behind much of the work.  You can contribute at the Kickstarter page here-

Support the Earth First! Journal and Purchase One of Marie Mason’s Paintings

The Earth First! Journal is holding their First Annual Art Auction as part of their big fundraising drive to cover the printing costs for the 2014 year.  Marie has donated her two most recent paintings- Banana Slug and Northern Lights, Melting Ice to the event.  The auction is taking place online November 18th.  Be sure to check out her and the many other artists’ original works and bid generously to support one of the best radical publications out there.


1st Annual Earth First! Journal Art Auction 

A painting of a banana sl

A painting of a banana slug.












Northern Lights, Melting Ice

Banana Slug

A painting of a banana slug.

A painting of a banana slug.

Northern Lights, Melting Ice

Northern Lights Intro

Northern Lights, Melting Ice

The Snake Charmer’s Friend

The Snakecharmer's Friend

Death And the Wolves of Isle Royale

Death & the Wolves of Isle Royale


This is a painting inspired by the article  Silent summer: No wolf pup yips heard on Isle Royale.

“Mother Mary, Free the Truth!”


mm-PussyRiot“So, this painting is of course about Pussy Riot’s public shows (in Red Square here, and the most notorious of theirs being inside the orthodox church). …[it] was good to read that they have tons of support. I still worry for them, tho’. My heart breaks for the one band member separated from her youngest daughter. I hurt to be away from my own kids, and they were so much older. I’m hoping that their time is not too hard and over soon…. I haven’t tried a collage before, but I wanted it to be clear that it was Putin & Pussy Riot….”

Join the Move Marie Campaign

Marie Mason is being held in a highly restricted prison unit for her political beliefs. Join the movement to get her moved out of Carswell and stop the political targeting of her. For more info see the Move Marie page.

Until We Are All Free Radio Documentary

Listen to the radio documentary on Marie Mason and Eric McDavid here.

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Write to Marie Mason

We encourage everyone to write to Marie Mason in prison:

Marie Mason #04672-061

FMC Carswell

Federal Medical Center

P.O. Box 27137

Fort Worth, TX 76127

Under no circumstances mention any illegal acts. Letters that mention other Green Scare prisoners may be rejected. Mason has a list of 100 pre-approved people she can write to; if you are not on that list, she will be able to receive your letter but not write back.

Everyone must use their first and last name when writing. All letters must be entirely in English. Be sure to include your return address on the envelope. You should also write her name and prisoner number on each piece of correspondence, as the prison tends to discard the envelope and then may "lose" track of who the letter is going to.

Last, do not send anything that is "affixed" to the letter or card - such as glitter and glue. Pen, pencil, crayon and paint are fine.

About Marie Mason

Marie Mason is a loving mother of two and a long-time activist in the environmental and labor movements. In March 2008, she was arrested by federal authorities for charges related to two acts of property destruction that occurred in 1999 and 2000; no one was injured in either of them. She accepted a plea bargain and was sentenced on February 5, 2009 to just under 22 years. She is now serving the longest sentence of any "Green Scare" prisoner.

The “Green Scare” is the name given to the recent arrests of animal rights and environmental activists who have been charged with acts of economic sabotage. Federal authorities have sought outrageous sentences (often Life in prison) and have publicly and legally labeled the activists as “terrorists” – despite the fact that no one has been killed or injured in any of the acts.

Supporting Marie Mason does not mean agreeing with the actions that she took -- but it does mean opposing the fear-mongering tactics of the federal government and the outrageous sentences they have imposed.

Background on the Green Scare

For more information on the Green Scare see here



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